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Contemporary Art: Chianti Sculpture Park

Hidden in beautiful Tuscany, at La Fornace Strada Provinciale 9 48/49 in Pievasciata a Vagliali, Siena, there is an enchanted place. Surrounded by vegetation, in a wood, we find many sculptures that are the highest expression of human artistic thought and vision.

The setting makes it a place to visit in both summer and winter. Suitable for families with children, for youngsters and adults. We are talking about an adventure in creativity, in the minds of the many sculptors and artists who have contributed to creating this out-of-the-ordinary place.

During the changing of the seasons, the Chianti Sculpture Park changes its colours and atmosphere, and this too is a deliberate effect on the part of the artists. In autumn, the coppery tones and the red of the vegetation make us appreciate certain types of artwork. In winter, the cold, sombre tones bring deep thoughts. While in spring, the explosion of nature’s awakening, creates energies that bind us to this land. To end with summer, in which we have vivid colours and much joy in our hearts.

Open-air museum

The innovation of the Chianti Sculpture Park, which follows in the wake of the creation of the Monster Park in Viterbo, is that it is an ‘open-air museum’. A forest of over 7 hectares, located in the northern part of Siena. One walks down an unpaved, white avenue to find oneself in contact with site-specific works, that is, works designed and created to be placed in a specific territorial context.

Practically nowhere else are these sculptures to be found, because only in this forest do they make sense, considering that they are designed for the Chianti Sculpture Park.

The artists contacted to exhibit the works permanently come from over 26 nations. The story then is very beautiful.

The ‘legend’ of the Parco delle Scultura Del Chianti is that artists were allowed to make creations using marble and granite. Then there was nature and everything it offered, such as sunlight, changes in the tones of the vegetation, sounds and weathering.

Few accepted the challenge, which was an arduous one, but those who felt inspired, perhaps who had the idea whispered in their ear from the woods of the Chianti Sculpture Park, actually realised something impossible.

Ideal for children, a magical place

This contemporary art location is a perfect place for children. There are 2 picnic areas and you are in close contact with nature. One of the special features is that you can interact directly with the works, thus playing with them.

Among the sculptures that are considered the most ‘impressive’ are:

– The amphitheatre, completed in 2009 where the natural unevenness of the terrain is exploited to create a work that is very large and where you can also sit down

– The suspended stone, created with the use of rocks from the Rapolano quarries in Siena

– The thinker, carefully detailed with a beautiful expression on his face

– Faith and illusion, this is a very special sculpture, almost mysterious, improbable

There are many others, which is why we recommend taking a day to visit the entire Chianti Sculpture Park. Children will be fascinated, will have fun and can get creative. For adults, you have a magical place to experience synergy and connect with the energy of nature, becoming a unique part of the Universe.