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Italy’s pick-me-up – espresso

Characteristic properties of espresso

The caffeine content of the powder is comparatively low. In addition, the high pressure typical of this type of preparation ensures a low acid content.

Espresso, as the connoisseur appreciates it, requires a certain amount of know-how: a few rules must be followed to ensure that the drink has the desired taste. For example, mistakes in preparation must be avoided, such as the wrong water temperature or quality, or the wrong consistency or quality of powder. The care of the machine also plays an important role in the quality of the espresso.

Different ingredients

Espresso does not only taste delicious on its own; in Italy it is also common to add various other ingredients:

The best-known and most popular variations of the delicious hot drink in Germany are cappuccino, latte macchiato and caffè latte.

– Caffè Corretto: In this variation, grappa is added to the espresso.

– Affogato: This variation is refined with ice cream.

– Macchiato: A little milk foam in the espresso gives a creamier taste experience.

– There are also espresso variations with cocoa content – a highlight for all chocolate fans. For example, Marocchino and the turin-containing Bicerin, which is served with cream topping, contribute to the chocolaty treat.

Reflect on coffee history on holiday in Italy

– Take a stroll through Venice, letting your mind wander how coffee came to Venice in 1570: The physician Prospero Alpini discovered it on his trip to Egypt.

– A trip through Milan, which is important for the history of espresso, can also be very inspiring.

A little etiquette for your trip to Italy

We would like to give you two particularly important tips for your trip to Italy:

1. in Germany we say “espresso” to the hot drink in the little cup, while in Italy it is simply called “caffè” – a practical piece of advice to get the desired drink served when ordering.

2 While in this country we like to consume coffee and cake sitting down, in Italy it is more common to drink coffee standing up – at the counter, for example.