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Tuscany in Winter

What do you imagine when you hear “winter in Tuscany”?   The days get shorter and colder, dark coats are to take and the crackling fire place is our best friend. This is one part and certainly not uninteresting. But winter in Tuscany is also something else, Tuscany – one of the most liveliest region with a strong historical background, religious and artistic culture – offers a dazzling display of cultural events.
  Nevertheless, we want and can´t forget the picturesque landscape, stir with unique colors and smells, which can create strong feelings. Especially in this time more and more people do book a weekend of relax in a farmhouse in Tuscany. Especially in the winter time, escape from the work stress is it particularly attractive to see a beautiful country house surrounded by nature perhaps, visible through the steam of the heated swimming pool?

Tuscany offers tourists in the winter, a real avalanche of proposals for every taste.

For example, the five Sundays before Mardi Gras are celebrated in San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo): it is a revival of an ancient custom – collect for poor people – and getting fun by dressed procession with music. Obviously inspired by the Old Town with a  multi-course lunch menu with typical local cuisine.
Florence, the capital of the Tuscan cities, as beautiful and nobly deserves- is always attractive to be visited also without any festival –which is actually for every Tuscan town. Like – Lucca – the mysterious lady – offers for several years  extraordinary exhibitions like special theme from da Vinci, modern jewelry and other. In the region of Lucca – in Pietrasanta, there is now an exhibition of a Italian myth – the car, and very close-in Viareggio – Futurism pictures. Events and Reflections 1918 to 1940.

Tuscany is also a place for music. Countless concert halls and rooms are open – Here only  a couple of them – in Florence in November,  Loredana Berte,  Eros Ramazzotti, Tosca. And to all of this you can mix some of the culinary extras of Tuscany, it is not really necessary to mention Viareggio for carnival. What you are waiting for? Want you stay really at home? To be honest – I can´t imagine.

 Through the peace of nature and the endless cultural offerings – Winter in Tuscany a season of experiences. Something for you as well?