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The artist of tuscan nature, Lorenzo Rappelli

Every artist has his own vision of beauty, sometimes it “marries” the consensus of others, but very often it is a personal interpretation that must be understood. There is no artist who has never had a contrary opinion that has sometimes knocked him down or extinguished that flame of creativity that then slumbered for years. Only then, the nature that characterises the soul of an artist eventually flourishes again.

This seems to us to be the best introduction to Lorenzo Rappelli, the artist of nature who can identify part of his creations and his soul.

Who is Lorenzo Rappelli? Born in Massa in 1958, in Tuscany. He is an excellent sportsman and for years this was his choice, namely a competitive career. In 1996 he had a sort of “revelation”. He lived for 8 years in Monte Libero, in Candia, where there is also a temple dedicated to Liber. In these fairytale surroundings, where he encountered the purest, wildest and freest nature, something in his soul was stirred.

So much so that it was impossible not to start creating small works of art in terracotta that interpret, in detail, branches and elements of the outdoor environments.

The ‘atavistic’ link with nature

We all have an atavistic, primordial and instinctive bond with nature. We don’t realise it, but how do we feel it? Simply by surrounding ourselves with works of art in the home, even the choice of furniture sometimes comes to us instinctively.

Lorenzo Rappelli’s works focus precisely on instinct. His is an art that manages to combine the material of terracotta with the beauty of natural elements, such as trees.

This has undoubtedly helped to build his reputation, but also to create a style that is entirely personal. An artistic imprint that is to be respected and immediately loved.

A Tuscan artist who has decided to live from the simple realities that surround us. Let us not deny that Lorenzo Rappelli himself manages to speak with his works and this is a voice that goes straight to the heart.

A “brocchi” by Lorenzo Rappelli

What are Lorenzo Rappelli’s brocchi? Actually, we see that the term brocchi is a Tuscan dialect word for trees, barks and branches.

Lorenzo Rappelli is a true “moulder” of terracotta. He knows its chemical reaction, how long it takes to harden, how it must be modified, engraved and even coloured. A study that has taken years and years to perfect.

For the inexperienced, who may not have the chance to touch these jugs, they may look like branches and bark, but when you touch them you can tell that they are terracotta.

Lorenzo Rappelli’s jugs focus on olive, chestnut, birch and vine trees. Practically everything that is actually a typical landscape of the tuscan region. Among other things, we are also talking about trees that have many peculiarities in their trunks, which is why Lorenzo Rappelli’s works are full of life.

However, it is also necessary to think that this artist has decided to combine his passions with excellent craftsmanship, because he has a magical bond with nature, which he manages and wants to convey through his works. Perhaps this is also why he is particularly loved by customers who have purchased his productions.

Among the characteristic “notes” we also see a certain meticulousness with regard to the care of details that make us understand the pain of a plant or the vitality of spring that awakens them. In short, there are various emotions that can be perceived immediately.