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Last princess in Italy

If we feel we know every corner in Italy, one is constantly surprised. Or have you ever heard by the Principality of Seborga? At an altitude of 500m o.v.M. , with ca. 330 residents and a size of 14 km2 is the Principality almost a record. It is permitted to the people of the several small shops to use other currency than the euro-and indeed their own, the Luigino, which is about 6 USD worth. Italy has never been brought legal action against the tiny state, and so Seborga is recognized by other mini-states.

In addition to its own currency and postage stamps we have here their own car plates and identity cards. The Principality of Seborga has its own government with a prince and the mayor and 12 members of the council. In the Middle Ages Templars had left their mark here, ruled today the Prince Giorgio I. The pretty hamlet, more appropriate description as a principality, is situated on the Ligurian coast, close to France, on the highway accessible via Bordighera. His Panorama is in addition to the sights (such as the San Martino church) and cuisine (game, fish and rabbits- specialties) worth a visit. The inhabitants live mainly from agriculture (olives) and tourism.